The change of Basic price

Community | 2022-10-24

We would like to inform you that from 1st February 2023 the Basic price for one place at the dormitory will increase from 60 EUR to 72 EUR.

We want to remind that, Price for one place at the dormitory depends on:

  • Basic price – the minimal price for one place at the dormitory, which is used as a basis for calculation of the prices for other rooms taking into consideration coefficients;
  • Value of the coefficient of condition – it depends on the indexes of the condition of dormitory building, room, and room’s furniture, indexes of sanitary unit and type of kitchen, and is calculated according to the approved criteria;
  • Coefficient or the room’s places – it depends on the number of places at the dormitory’s room.

The basic price is determined on the basis of the general economic situation. As you may notice – the prices of services and goods have significantly increased over the last four years, the minimum wage has increased several times. For the above reasons, in order to continue to ensure the investment in improvement of dormitory infrastructure and presenting the situation in more detail to the Dormitory affairs committee of the KTU Student Association the Basic price was revised and the new basic price is approved by the Order of the Rector of the University NR. A-374.

From 1st of November detailed information about the new accommodation price of your place at the dormitory will provide your dormitory administrator – CONTACTS.

IF THE NEW PRICE IS TOO HIGH FOR YOU. In accordance to ensure the effective process of Basic price change and expressed concern of Dormitory affairs committee:

  • Current Residents, for whom the new accommodation price will be too high has an option to relocate to cheaper place at the same or another dormitory from 1st November. Regarding relocation, please write us –
  • Students with difficult financial situation can submitted request in AIS.

New accommodation prices will come into force:

  • To all newly accommodating students – from 1st November 2022
  • To current Residents and those who will be relocating to cheaper place – from 1st February 2023 (All Residents will be informed personally via academic e-mail regarding the price change).

If you have additional questions contact us via e-mail –

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