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Relevant information while living in a dormitory:

Room cleaning guide
Room cleaning guide
Shared bathroom cleaning
Shared bathroom cleaning (for 1 or 2 rooms)
Shared kitchen cleaning guide
 Shared kitchen cleaning guide
Shared bathroom cleaning
Shared bathroom cleaning guide

Relevant information about COVID-19

We would like to inform you that according to the decision of the Minister of Health regarding the wearing of face mask in the public places, from 4th of April 2022 it is recommended to wear medical face masks or respirators in the common areas of dormitories and when contacting an administration staff of the Student Accommodation Centre.

You can follow the relevant information on the website of the Ministry of Health:

If the resident violates the mandatory conditions of the University’s (dormitory) administration, the University has the right to apply the disciplinary measures, terminate the accommodation agreement with the resident.


Procedure of the Management Measures of COVID-19 Disease (Coronavirus Infection) at the Dormitories of Kaunas University of Technology



In all the rooms a resident will find: bed, table, chair, cabinet, wardrobe and access to the internet.

Student Accommodation Centre can provide these types of documents:

  • Consent for the declaration of the place of residence
  • Certificate of living place
  • Certificate on payments for the dormitory

Residents can submit the applications online by using their Academic Information System (AIS) account. Application will be proceeded by administration (approved or denied) only during work days opening hours. Document has to be collected personally.

If your neighbors are too noisy first ask them politely to keep the noise down. If that will be not enough – inform your dormitory administrator about your concern.

If you notice any malfunctions in the inventory of the dormitory, please register them at the address (select Help of property)

When registering a malfunction, you have to specify the following information:

  • Precise location
  • Type of malfunction.

Remember: the students can only register minor malfunctions, such as: a faulty light bulb, not functioning in the room, broken bed, etc. While providing the information, please be as specific as you can!

With all the questions regarding internet access you must contact computer network administrator by e-mail or phone  +370 (620) 68 071

You can keep your bicycle at bicycle storage at the dormitory. Where to find bicycle storage will tell your dormitory administrator.

Resident has a right having guests at the dormitory from 8.00 a.m.  until 00.00 p.m. Guests are registered in the guest book. Resident who has guests is jointly responsible for their behavior and actions, which is confirmed by his/her signature in the guest book.

If a resident needs to leave a dormitory for a longer period than 30 days, he/she must fill report at Academic information System (AIS) and pay accommodation fee in advance.

Studying at the University can present a variety of challenges that you may face. KTU takes full care of students’ well-being and provides free psychological assistance to students.

Registrate to psychologist consultation.

If you have questions please contact us via general email