• Each month, the residents of the dormitory have to pay a monthly fee for accommodation at the dormitory (the sum includes all the municipal charges: electricity, hot and cold water, heating, other utilities and internet access);
  • The accommodation fee is calculated at the beginning of each month and information is provided in the Academic Information System (AIS), section Unpaid Payments.
  • Accommodation fee has to be paid until the 25th of each month. For example, if a resident is provided with an invoice on April 5, the payment has to be paid until April 25 at the latest.
  • Accommodation fee can be paid in advance for a longer period. Before doing that we recommend to discuss terms with your dormitory administrator.
  • If a student lives in a dormitory for a period shorter than two months (60 days), he/she is accommodated under a short-term accommodation contract. Payment for the stay is calculated for the whole period of stay including VAT (21%). Deposit payment is not required.
  • All the residents, who move into a dormitory after the 15th of the month or move out of a dormitory before the 15th of the month, pay half of a monthly accommodation fee.
  • If another person is paying instead of you – he must specify this information about you: your full name, dormitory and room number.
  • From 06/06/2016 according to the order approved by the Rector On fees for violations or non-compliance with accommodation contract or internal rules of procedure of the university’s dormitories, upon receipt of a notification, a warning or removal from the dormitory, a disciplinary measure – penalty fee of 8 EUR – is imposed on the resident.

Accommodation price

Single 2,5,10 From 120,96 to 248,83 EUR  From 150,00 to 270,00 EUR
Double 2,3,5,7,8,10 From 79,20 to 209,95 EUR From 110,00 to 230,00 EUR

*Accommodation price does not include bedding service.

A price for one place of accommodation at the dormitory directly depends on:

  • Base prices;
  • Room type (single, double);
  • Condition of the building, room and furniture;
  • Sanitary unit (shared for 1/2 rooms, shared for the entire floor and shared in the basement);
  • Type of kitchen (shared for  1/2 rooms, shared for the entire floor).

The exact price of a specific room will specify chief coordinator of Student Accommodation Centre.

Penalty fee
Upon receiving a notification, warning or removal from the dormitory according internal dormitory rules a resident is charged by the disciplinary measure – penalty fee – 8,00 EUR.

Relocation fee
When student moves to another dormitory or room on his/her own initiative more than once in the current school year. Relocation fee is applied for the second and every other relocation during the current school year – 8,00 EUR.

Issue of the new dormitory permit
If student loses the dormitory permit issued during the period of his/her accommodation at the dormitory, a one-off fee is applied for the issue of the new dormitory permit – 5,00 EUR.

Issue of the new dormitory magnetic access control card
If student loses the dormitory magnetic access control card issued during the period of his/her accommodation at the dormitory, a one-off fee is applied for the issue of the new dormitory magnetic access control card – 10 EUR.

Bedding service
Student is provided with a pillow, a blanket and a set of bed linen, which consists of a pillow case, a blanket cover and a bed sheet. If this service is chosen, bed linen can be changed every 7 (seven) days. Bedding service price – 15,00 EUR per month. 

Final cleaning fee
There is a one-time final cleaning fee for the final cleaning service – 20,00 EUR when:

  • the deposit is refundable until the date of departure or the last monthly dormitory fee is covered by the deposit;
  • while moving out, the resident didn’t ensure that the living room, shower, toilet, hallway are left clean and comply with the requirements of hygiene standards.

FROM BANK ACCOUNT (acting in Lithuania)
„Swedbank“, „Luminor “  and “SEB bank” users are able to pay Accommodation fee using specific link on Academic information system (AIS).

FROM BANK ACCOUNT (acting in other country)
You can pay dormitory fee from a bank account acting in other country using payment information details. Payment can be made to our bank accounts of “Swedbank” and “SEB Bank”. If necessary – SWIFT codes:

  • Bank “Swedbank” – HABALT22
  • Bank “SEB Bank” – CBVI LT 2X

BY BANK CARD (only users of KTU AIS)
You can pay accommodation fee and other dormitory fees by using your bank card (both Lithuanian and foreign banks, trusted by “Swedbank”) by submitting card details.
Log in to the Academic Information System (AIS) check outstanding payments and just select position to pay by bank card.
Note: It is important that your card is appropriate for electronic settlements.

By cash you can pay your dormitory fee using payment information details in every Perlas terminal. More information about where to find a Perlas terminal and how long it works – you can find HERE.

KTU students, who have difficult material or social situation and do not pay more than 115 Eur for a room can apply for a dormitory accommodation grant.

Guidelines for the application of the special prices for dormitory and priority allocation

Documents to be submitted:
1. request
2. documents, supporting the circumstances indicated in the request:
2.1. certificate on family composition
2.2. certificate on family’s and (or) person’s calculated and paid salary and other benefits (from the municipality)
2.3. other documents supporting student’s material and/or social status

Applied monthly Accommodation Grant for one person at the dormitory is determined by the commission.

Scanned documents have to be submitted in your AIS by the 20th of each month at the latest.

tel. +370 37 300 080
email klausk@ktu.lt

All relevant information about payments


The fee is calculated in the beginning of each month and the invoice is provided to the student’s academic information system account.

Accommodation at the dormitory price includes all the utility taxes (such as electricity, heating, internet, hot water and etc.) In all the dormitories there are self-service laundry room, bicycle storage and parking area free of charge. In most of the dormitories there are recreational premises suitable for leisure, sports or study. A resident of the dormitory can use not only his dormitory inventory but also other dormitories facilities.

Accommodation fee has to be paid until the 25th of each month. For example, if a resident is provided with an invoice on April 5, the payment has to be paid until April 25 at the latest. All the information how you can pay you will find in section – Fees.

If your accommodation fee will be paid by other person you must inform about this your dormitory administrator. Please advise a person who will be paying your accommodation fee that he must specify in his payment resident full name, dormitory and room number.

If your accommodation is too expensive for you we suggest you to relocate to cheaper place at the dormitory or apply to klausk@ktu.lt

If you cannot pay your accommodation fee on time you can sign payment delay agreement at Student Accommodation Centre office. More information will provide your dormitory administrator.

An advance payment (deposit) is refunded to the account in the bank operating in Lithuania or another country of the European Union (if the account is provided in IBAN format) within 30 calendar days from the approval of the request for the refund of the advance payment if the student has paid all the fees for the dormitory and has no other obligations to the University