Information to residents regarding November accommodation fee

Community | 2020-11-12

We would like to inform you that according to the order of the Rector of Kaunas University of Technology regarding remotely studies and the quarantine in the country, for residents who are temporarily absent from the dormitories the accommodation fee for November could be reduced by 30 percent.

  • Residents who have already applied for a reduced fee for accommodation for November because they have been absent from the dormitory for the period 1st November – 14th November do not need to do anything because the reduced fee has already been applied to them.
  • For residents who have not yet applied for a reduction of a fee for accommodation for November, but will be temporarily absent from the dormitory for the period 15th November – 29th November and would like that a fee for accommodation will be reduced by 30 percent can fill a request on the Academic Information System (AIS) *.

*Request can be submitted from 12th November until November 16th (inclusive). You can fill in a request by logging in to the Academic Information System (AIS): section Dormitory information > Requests > Request to apply reduced accommodation fee for November.

Accommodation fee will be reduced only if the resident will be absent from the dormitory for the entire specified period.

Residents who will fill a request to reduce a dormitory fee but will want to return to the dormitory from 15st until 29th November must inform about their return by email, otherwise residents will not allowed to enter the dormitory.

We are ready to answer your questions remotely by email, phone (+370 (696) 52 253), (+370 (696) 73 277).

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