Updated Internal dormitory rules

Community | 2018-02-14

Dear residents,

We would like to inform you that we have updated Internal dormitory rules and regulations by following:

“… 7. Resident is accommodated at the dormitory by the Dormitory Manager / Administrator under request/written request confirmed at the reservation system, approved by Senior Coordinator of Dormitory Group.

18.7. To allow having guests at the dormitory from 8.00 a.m. till 11.00 p.m. and until 00.00 p.m. on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays and on the eve of officially declared days off (holidays). Guests are registered in the guest book. Resident who has guests is jointly responsible for their behaviour and actions, which is confirmed by his/her signature in the guest book. Manager/Administrator, who receives a written complaint from the roommates or other dormitory’s residents regarding the visiting hours of the guest, can restrict the time of the guest visit. At the written request of the Resident and consent of Dormitory Manager/Administrator, as well as having consent of other Residents of the room, Resident can have his/her guest stay overnight for two nights per month at most. The same guest can stay overnight at the dormitories two nights per calendar month at most. If Resident is subject to three current penalties, he/she is not allowed to have a guest stay overnight until expiration of such penalties. A guest can only be of age of majority, with the exception of close relatives who are accompanied by at least one of their parents or have Dormitory Manager/Administrator written permission;

20.5. Maintain cleanliness and order in the rooms and common areas, follow requirements of sanitary hygiene standards. If any violations of hygiene standards caused by Resident (-s) are registered during inspection, Resident (-s) shall compensate the loss incurred by the University or its employee due to that violation (-s) of hygiene standard (-s);

21.1. To smoke (to use tobacco products and electronic cigarettes);

25. Amounts of the fee for dormitory accommodation are calculated following Guidelines for Pricing of Accommodation at the Dormitories approved by the Rector’s order; prices calculated according to these guidelines are approved by the Head of Service Management.

36.18. Malicious failure to follow the Rules. …“

Internal dormitory rules and regulations.

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